Ah Again Time Has Escaped Me

If you are reading this, you can see it has been a YEAR since I last blogged. Life took a turn as it did for the entire globe. Shortly after my last post the pandemic hit and basically life shut down. I am going to quickly catch you up from when I found out I was pregnant in September 2019 to birth over the next few posts.

Here’s where we left off:

The day I found out I was pregnant, I went into my doctor office to get an early beta (blood pregnancy test). I could not believe it when the results came back at 16 at approximately 9DPO. This was higher than Porter’s beta at 6DP5DT (aka 11DPO). My next beta was at 13DPO and it was at 210!!! That gave me a doubling time of 25 hours! 

It was at this point where between a few close friends, we started to compare Hannah and Heidi’s beta numbers and Porter’s beta numbers with this pregnancy. Half joking, half speculating that MAYBE it was more than one baby.

At 5 weeks on the dot, I got to have an early ultrasound. I was so nervous. I knew that at this stage I would only see a gestational sac and nothing else. But I needed this to feel real because every day I basically sat with my jaw dropped mouthing “WTF” to Matt. 

I went in on a Saturday and my favorite midwife (Michelle Davis at MOGA in Phoenix, AZ) gave me a quick ultrasound.

And what do you know…


I was elated to see that we did in fact conceive a baby spontaneously by ourselves with no fertility assistance. God was so so good to us. He was so gracious to redeem the loss of Porter with this new surprise miracle. 

Fast forward 2 days, my midwife said she needed me to come in for more blood work just to check that it was rising and she would do an ultrasound again just because. If you have every experienced infertility, you know that we get spoiled in the IVF world with early and frequent ultrasounds. I was so lucky that my midwife knew that and after loss it was so appreciated. 

At 5w2d, we saw ONE sweet baby with a fetal pole, but TWO other SACS with nothing. I was assured again it was only one baby. But if yall know me, then you know I spent every second after that speculating if it could be humanly possible for us to conceive not one, not two, but three babes spontaneously.

Then because you would think I am not crazy enough to believe I am actually pregnant, the anxiety and fear of pregnancy loss took hold of me. Suddenly at 5w6d, I woke up and did not feel pregnant. Instant PTSD hit me. One of the first things with Porter was I did not feel pregnant. I was terrified that already I had placed so much hope and love in this miracle baby and pregnancy and it was being taken away from me again.

I texted my midwife and she squeezed me in just to reassure me that everything was ok and if it wasn’t then we would know and go from there. 

In I went to the office, nervous and scared.

I texted Matt when I was in the waiting room letting him know I was there and to pray everything was ok.

Matt jokingly sent me a text the twin girl in bunny costumes emoji.

I walk into the exam room.

They tell me to change.

Then gave me the paper blanket to drape over my lap.

So anxious.

So nervous.

So vulnerable. (literally who doesn’t feel that one sitting naked in a doctors office lol)

Michelle comes in. We chat. She says I will be ok. I laugh it off nervously. I assume the position for a transvaginal ultrasound. I am staring at the screen. The wand goes in. I SCREAM! I JUMP OFF THE TABLE! I THROW MY PAPER BLANKET AT MICHELLE!


Michelle does not believe me.

At this time I am freaking out. 

I just keep yelling “OMG!” over and over.

She opens the door and yells, “I need an ultrasound tech in here NOW!”

The tech comes in.

Michelle tells me not to jump off the table this time.

The tech inserts the wand.



Ya’ll I videoed this. If you want to see the best video every finding out we were pregnant with our second set of twins, go to my Instagram and look in my reels. It is HILARIOUS!

You may be thinking, “OMG I bet you told Matt in the coolest way!”

Nah, not me. Lol

I called Matt right there and told him over the phone. 

He did not believe me until I sent him an ultrasound picture and the video.

I was dumbfounded, shocked, speechless, in awe. How in the world did this happen? God gave us TWO tiny babies with heartbeats. We had NO scientific reason or explanation to how this could be. The only explanation was because GOD.