Twin x2

God redeemed the loss of our first son Porter with miracle twins.

He continued to amaze us though. This wasn’t the extent of the miracle. Matt and I decided to pay out of pocket for the Natera Panorama NIPT. This blood test checks for chromosome abnormalties , gender and can differentiate the DNA between mom, baby A, and baby B. We used this same test to confirm that Hannah and Heidi were both girls and fraternal.

The crazy anticipation was real. And just like how I have never surprised Matt with a pregnancy test, the same applied with gender “reveals.” We have never done anything fun with revealing the gender of our babies. We were so anxious for these results that we just looked at the results together one night when Matt got home from work.

That’s it. LOL.

At our kitchen table with my phone face down, we counted to 3 to look at my phone.




I turned my phone over but didn’t show Matt! LOL I needed to look first and I could not believe it!!


We were shocked to say the least. How in the world did we have fraternal twin boys? How lucky were we that not only would Matt be able to be a boy dad but a boy dad to TWO boys!

Scientifically it seemed unreal that Matt had not one but two healthy perfect DNA sperm that made it to my two eggs that hyperovulated this cycle. How insane is that?! To us, it truly seemed to be the work of God! There’s no reason this could happen to us.

Miracle twin boys were destined to join our family that was full of girls!